“Shameless” Season 8 final episode is not going to be the last of the series. Latest reports suggest that the Gallagher Family will continue to entertain the viewers for four more years. Also, check out details about the release date of the next episodes and other related things.

According to the International Business Times, “Shameless” Season 8 finale will not be the last episode as declared previously. Just recently, Frank Gallagher aka William H. Macy stated that the hit comedy on Showtime will continue for at least four years or so.

Gallagher Children Treading In Right Direction In “Shameless” Season 8

According to the source, the seventh season’s bizarre ending may have triggered the doubts about this season being the last one for the series. However, now that Macy has cleared of any such suspicions it is indeed good news for the viewers who can look forward to more updates related to the Gallagher family in the next season following “Shameless” Season 8.

Shameless Season 8

The spoilers for the upcoming episode indicate that all the children of the family now are on the right path. Carl is happy embracing the life at the military school after changing his ways from being a thug. Similarly, the youngest son, Liam has now started his journey in a private school despite protests from Frank.

The “Shameless” Season 8 ending montage also reveals Frank and Carl honoring diseased Monica. They work on a piece of graffiti in an alley. It is hence quite possible that the season might begin with Frank crying and drowning in the sorrow of his dead wife.

Shameless Season 8

Is ‘Shameless Season 8’ Release In October 2017?

According to Inquisitr, the star of the show, Emmy Rossum recently confirmed on Twitter that the shooting for the next season will begin sometime during May this year. So, considering the past track record, it is quite possible that Season 8 will resume sometime in October 2017.

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