A small tweak-guide video for Shadow Warrior 2 this time. We found that the weapon FOV can be changed using a console command, something not very common in modern games, so it’s always welcome. To access the in-game console, we need to press Ctrl and the Tilde keys, or the key above TAB or to the left of the “1” key, depending on your keyboard setup.

shadow warrior 2
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How to change FOV in Shadow Warrior 2

Now, once we’re in the console, we can type the weapon FOV command like this: “r_weapon_fov”, without quotes and then enter. The game will tell us the default FOV, 50, and it’s a vertical FOV just like the normal view FOV which can be set in the video options menu.

From this point is up to you to experiment with different values. We found it comfortable with anything from 60 to 70. Higher FOVs start looking a bit too stupid and with more geometry errors on the arms and weapons, but 60 looks just fine and the weapon is not so close to our face anymore. So, it feels a bit more natural especially when using a normal view game FOV of 79 like I use.

As far as we know, using the console to change this weapon FOV doesn’t screw with our achievements or anything like that. We’re still not absolutely sure but usually games warn us about this and we didn’t get any warning. Also, we have yet to test this in Multiplayer. We don’t know if there are any restrictions applied there but we’re pretty sure there aren’t any as there are none in singleplayer.

Keep in mind, that the game has an FOV slider for the normal first person character FOV but not for the weapon. Unfortunately, it will reset to 50 weapon FOV, every time you close the game, but the game will store in a cfg file your last console commands used. So, when you go back to the game you can bring down the console and press up arrow and your last inputs will be there. Hence, it’s not too much of a problem.


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