Bringing new challenges, weapons, and craftables this free downloadable content pack is sure to make Shadow Warrior 2 fans happy. Finally, we can use the orbs. Or can we? First, we must pass some new trials and they’re aren’t easy, unless you make them easy.

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Shadow Warrior 2 The Way Of The Wang DLC brings exciting new challenges

The new weapon introduced in the Way of the Wang DLC is Gozu’s ax. Shadow Warrior 2 new DLC includes Seven Brutal Trials and new crafting methods. Infuse Gem – merge gem with weapon, available after finishing two Trials of Infusion. Purify Gem – remove negative stats from gem, available after finishing two Trials of Purification. Embed Gem – upgrade base weapon stats, available after finishing two Trials of Embedding.

New Weapon: Fist of Gozu. Finish Trial of the Ancient God to receive this powerful weapon. There are some general game fixes as well. Levels of other players are visible on their avatars. Players will get notifications via multiplayer chat about teammate’s death, level up, connecting and disconnecting. Despite all these changes, there’s still room for improvements.

It’s been said before, but it would help if the devs stated when the quests are placed in the story progression. The game works on a system where sidequests are placed in varying Legs of the story. Then when you beat the whole thing, you don’t get to just go around and do whatever. The game puts you on a New game plus. Knowing who to talk to and in what ‘leg’ these quests are placed in would help.


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