There’s a cool easter egg in Shadow Warrior 2 and we’ll show you how to find it. It’s called the Shadow Warrior 2 Secret Developer Room Easter Egg. The secret isn’t so hard to find but if you still haven’t discovered it, we’ll show you how to find it.

shadow warrior 2 secret developer room easter egg
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Shadow Warrior 2 Secret Developer Room Easter Egg

Go to the Wang Cave. You’ll find it pretty early on. It’s the main hub of the game. Instead of going upstairs, take a right from there and go downstairs. You’ll see a door blocking your path. Now that you know where the locked door is, turn around and go back to the place’s entrance.

Get on stage and go back stage through the drawn out curtains. Turn right and go past the Wizard of the Oz reference on the wall “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” written in chalk. You’ll see a closed door in front of you. You might be wondering there’s nothing but there is. Continue walking and you will clip through the door.

Once you go through, you’ll see something else written in chalk in front of you. “We are the Wangs. Resistance is futile”. When you go downstairs, you’ll notice you’re in the same room you were previously trying to get into but were unable to because of the locked door.

Now there will be a room. Go to it and you’ll see the Shadow Warrior 2 Secret Developer Room Easter Egg. They are painted as a mural on the wall. These are the hardworking devs who brought this amazing game to you. There’s another mural of JuJu painted on the wall to your immediate right. That’s another game by the developer.

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