Shadow Warrior 2 is the sequel to the remake of the 1997 classic Shadow Warrior. Lo Wang is back in glorious HD and now has a sequel. By now, you must have known a lot about the game and how it plays. However, most of that is from old gameplay previews of the game. Well, cogconnected got their hands on the game and were willing to share some of their thoughts on the gameplay, graphics, design, and plot. We’ve decided to do a Shadow Warrior 2 preview based on that and we present to you 5 important things that we discovered from Gamescom 2016.

shadow warrior 2 preview
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HOLY SHIT! This was the most mind-blowing revelation. It’s like a hunkered down version of Borderlands. But considering how that was an open world game and this is a more linear experience, we were still surprised how Flying Wild Hog was able to fit so much content into the single-player/ co-op linear experience.

Shadow Warrior 2 Preview – New magical spells

You have a variety of ways to approach hordes of enemies. Use stealth magic spells to get the jump on your enemies. Or use some aggressive spells like the one which cause spikes to come out of the ground. Impale your enemies like Ivan the Terrible!

You can customize all the 70 weapons!

This game just took an even more fun approach to the idea of corridor shooting. We’ve seen such ideas being implemented before in open-world games like Borderlands but seeing this in a fast-paced linear shooter just made us want it more. You can use a variety of combinations like thunderous grenade launchers, chain-swords and freezing SMGs.

shadow warrior 2 preview
via youtube

Expect lots and lots and lots of gibs

Every encounter will be filled with blood and gore. Expect lots of body parts flying around after every encounter. With the procedural damage system, you can find even more innovative ways to attack your foes. Set them on fire, poison them and more.

shadow warrior 2 preview
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Everything will be random – Including the weather

Monster placement, enemy behavior, and even weather will be random. So, be ready for anything new to jump out of the same corner for the hundredth time. But don’t worry because co-op gameplay will ensure you have your back covered at all times.

Let us know what you think of the Shadow Warrior 2 preview so far? Will you be buying Shadow Warrior 2 when it releases on October 13? Let us know in the comments.


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