The more we watch gameplay trailers of Shadow Warrior 2, the more we love it. This sequel to a 1997 reboot from 2013 loses the racism but keeps the fun of mixing swords, magic, guns and fast-paced traversal. It does a great job of including some of the best features of the 90s shooter design. There is a large single-player campaign with procedural monster generation. That means every play through will feel unique. Shadow Warrior 2 PC Features were revealed even more and they make the game look even more appealing.

shadow warrior 2 pc features
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Shadow Warrior 2 PC Features so far

Steam user TheDisabledBore takes the credit for compiling all the confirmed features for the game.

1 – No Denuvo or any form of DRM

2 – Uncapped FPS, Variable refresh rates available

3 – 21:9 Ultrawide support

4 – Controller support

5 – Photo Mode with features like FOV, post process, exposure, filters, camera tilt, hi-res screenshots and slowmotion

6 – Uses DX11

7 – Temporal AA support

8 – SSAA support

9 – Sli support

10 – Customizable crosshair

11 – AMD Eyefinity and NVIDIA Surround support (HUD and movies are automatically constrained to the center display)

12 – Resolution scale slider

13 – Full key mapping

14 – FOV slider

15 – Playing at 1080p ( at ultra settings ) FPS rates are = In a 660 – 40 fps / On a 970 – 60 fps

16 – Texture quality = 2 gb – High textures / 4 gb – Ultra textures

17 – You can turn off almost the entire HUD and Ui if you want, eg. Damage numbers and the enemy health bars.

18 – You can disable and edit chromatic aberration / lens dirt / motion blur / DOF / lens flare

20 – Steam Cloud support

21 – Crossfire support

22 – Linux and Mac versions are upcoming. No support at launch.

23 – No regional censorship (eg Germany or Australia )

24 – Crossplay with GOG players

25 – Coop is 100% optional and campaing never forces you to buddy up.

26 – Ancient Chinese Secrets

Check out the rest of the forum for more details. Let us know your thoughts on these Shadow Warrior 2 PC Features. Stay tuned to MobiPicker for more.


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