Uh oh! Someone’s in trouble! Yep, an unidentified video games person has accidentally leaked the name of the next Tomb Raider game and it’s going to be called… Shadow of the Tomb Raider. What it’ll look like and how it’ll play is anyone’s guess, but that didn’t stop us from putting together a list of things he’d really like to see featured in Shadow of the Tomb Raider gameplay design briefs.

shadow of the tomb raider
via GamesRadar

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider should have a stronger Lara Croft

Lara is a pretty tough character. She’s capable of surviving in the wilderness and improving her gear using resources show finds in her path. Also, she’s a highly efficient killer and after the two recent Tomb Raider games, she should be experienced enough to be her badass self in the new game.

Devs need to focus on pacing

Recent Tomb Raider games have ventured into the Michael Bay school of story-telling. Big spectacular action scenes interspersed by gunfights drive everything forward at a breakneck pace. The new game needs to take inspiration from the classic Tomb Raider games.

Keely Hawes should voice Lara Croft once again

Camilla Luddington is an awesome voice actress and lends a completely different personality to Lara Croft. But we yearn for the badass Lara in Tomb Raider games by Crystal Dynamics (Legends, Anniversary).

More sequences from the Croft Manor

Lara Croft’s parental home played a pivotal role in the classic Tomb Raider games. Acting mainly as the training level, they also allowed players to get more acquainted with Lara Croft and learn her family background. Also, we loved locking the butler in the freezer.

Bring back the dinosaurs

We don’t even need to elaborate on this one. The T-Rex has a long overdue comeback to the series. It appeared in the first three Tomb Raider games and then once more in the Anniversary version. And now we’d love to see it make a comeback somehow.

Let us know your thoughts on the Shadow Of The Tomb Raider.