Selena Gomez wants to have babies. But not immediately! New report indicates that Selena Gomez does not want to take any chances with her future as a mom and has chosen to freeze her eggs. Apparently, there are many other reasons why the singer is delaying parenthood.


Selena was battling lupus-related depression for a number of days. She spent several months in rehab. She was advised to freeze her eggs before she started chemotherapy, as part of her treatment against lupus. Selena wants to be a mom some day, so she chose to freeze the eggs. And it also looks like Selena has realized that now is not the right time to settle down and start raising kids.

Personal Issues Forcing Selena To Delay Having Babies?

It looks like Selena Gomez has been dealing with too many personal issues. Adding to the woes of her battling with lupus are her other personal relationship issues. Selena is also against raising a child all on her own. It could be that the singer is waiting for the right time to settle down and then take a decision on having babies. Could this also be the reason why she has frozen her eggs? Managing a kid and meeting her career expectations may become too difficult for Selena if she decides to settle down now.

Is Justin Bieber aware of this? Some sources claim that he is very well aware of this and is perfectly fine with what the singer is doing. But the couple’s relationship has been going through a rough patch. Their relationship hasn’t been steady. Every now and then we see it going on and off. Could this also be the reason for Selena delaying having a baby? Is she waiting for their relationship to become stable and then take a decision on motherhood?


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