Make War Not Love, a three-way competition between Company of Heroes 2, Dawn of War 2 and Total War Attila, games published by SEGA has reached its first prize milestone. It contains three Sega’s games: Jet Set Radio, Hell Yeah! (Complete with two DLC packs) and a cult classic Golden Axe. The best thing about it is that all three games can be yours for free.

Make War Not love

If you visit the Steam competition page, select one of the games from the bundle and click install game under “Packages that include this game” on any of those three games Steam pages and all of them will be yours for free, forever. You have to own Steam profile in order to download and play them. The second milestone will be unlocked on February 18 and it will offer Streets of Rage 2, another classic beat-em-up, Binary domain, nice futuristic third person shooter, and Condemned: Criminal Origins, Monolith’s famous survival horror.

In Addition to these two fantastic free bundles, all of three games that are part of the competition are at  75% discount. The make War Not Love contest will conclude will be ended on February 20, and all owners of the winning game will receive free DLC for it.


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