Samsung’s new flagship phablet, the Galaxy Note 7 launched just this month in most international markets. The device hit headlines and is currently the device with the best display. Aside from the impressive display, it sports IRIS scanner, a feature that is more secure than fingerprint sensor in most flagships from other manufacturers. But, have you heard of the iteration of Samsung’s My KNOX, called Secure Folder in the Note 7?

Secure Folder
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The secure folder in the Galaxy Note 7 is probably the most underrated feature. Security is an important thing in a smartphone. The most basic security in a smartphone, unlocking the screen is well taken care of with the IRIS scanner. But once the device is open, the apps in the phone are open to anyone. With Secure Folder, you do not have to worry that your kid will accidentally open the work email. Read on to learn how it works.

Have you worked with Android for Work, or the Samsung app called My KNOX? Secure Folder operates in a similar way, but it is better. Secure Folder enables you to use apps within a secure folder on your phone. You choose the apps to put in the folder. The interesting part is that you can duplicate apps. That is, you can have the camera app in the Secure Folder, and it will still appear on the regular app drawer. For instance, you duplicate the camera app, any photos you take with the app on the Secure Folder will not appear on the regular app gallery or any other gallery, is that not awesome?.

A more professional application of Secure Folder is hiding the work email. Such an email will be so secure that it will not display notifications unless you want it to do so. I bet your mind is already running the number of possibilities the app brings to life. If you are a Pokémon Go addict, you can save the app in Secure Folder so that your friends will not mess up with your account.

Because we are talking about the Galaxy Note 7, you can protect the Secure Folder using the IRIS scanner or hide using any other means of your choice.

Samsung has done a great job with this app. The question is why can’t there be a stock app such as this for Android. It is true that there are other ways to hide apps on your phone such as downloading a third party app to lock apps. But the choices in the market do not match Secure Folder.

Do you think Secure Folder is a great innovation? Let us know.


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