We have official confirmation of Seasons Of Heaven being a Nintendo Switch Exclusive but there are still a lot more questions. The trailer will be shown next week as the company confirmed on Facebook. This game looks great as stills. Here’s hoping in motion it looks that good. Interesting to see this game, looking this good, from an indie developer. We wonder what the big AAA companies can do with the Switch?

Seasons Of Heaven
via youtube

Seasons Of Heaven is the new Nintendo Switch exclusive but will it be a timed exclusive?

It’s pretty easy for indie devs to port to PC. But what’s making us think this might be a permanent exclusive is that with timed exclusives, the games are usually bought by Microsoft or Sony so that they won’t be published on other platforms. We might be out of the know but Nintendo usually doesn’t seem like the type to approach indie developers this small.

And we don’t think they paid for this as an exclusive, and looking at their twitter page, they seem like huge Nintendo fans with a Link statue in their development office. We feel like it might be a permanent one out of developer love.

If it does really well, the studio would be better off keeping Seasons Of Heaven an exclusive Nintendo Switch game. Not only gain more legitimacy for their future projects, but they would also get more money from Nintendo. That is, if Nintendo doesn’t already have a strong grip on the fact that this will be and stay an exclusive game.


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