Just like it happens with our computers, even our Android devices get filled up with useless files over the time. Data left behind by the apps you deleted stays there and doesn’t get removed. Also, the crash reports, crash logs, and debug files created by the system constantly are unneeded and unnecessary. This is where you need a powerful cleaning tool, and what could be better than the SD Maid app.

sd maid cleaner for android

SD Maid, just as the name suggests, keeps your device clean, neat, and tidy. All you need to do is open the app, choose a tab, and finally press start. You can then delete single items or just clean all. You can crawl through your files and see which ones are not needed. You can freeze, reset, and remove even system apps using SD Maid. Bloated databases can be optimized and shrunk for freeing up more space and to speed up access. The SD Maid comes with a lot of features, and you can buy the SD Maid Pro if you want more.

For all those who use SD Maid, you’ll be glad to know that a new update has been released for the app. The new SD Maid 4.0.6 APK has been outed just yesterday and comes in a small package that weighs only 4.84 MB. It works with devices running Android 4.1 and above. You can download SD Maid 4.0.6 APK free from apkmirror.com.


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