If you travel a lot and go to a lot of places (national or international), it is highly likely that you are a fan user of the Google Maps app. Isn’t it wonderful to have an Android app show you the way all along your journey? It’s so much better than stopping and asking for directions. However, the real problem comes up when your mobile data just runs out and you are left stranded on the road with the Maps app. Well, you should download Google Maps for offline use beforehand, and we’ll show you how to do it.

google maps save offline

How to Save Google Maps Offline

Before you proceed, remember that Maps data is really huge and can eat up a lot of your mobile data (or all of it). So make sure you download the Google Maps data on a Wi-Fi network. Open the Maps app and search for the location you want to save the map for. Now swipe from the left edge of the screen to right (or tap the three-line symbol) and some options will come up. Now tap on the Offline Areas option and tap the “+” symbol to add maps for your choice of locations. Just pinch to zoom in or zoom out and drag the square box over the area you want to cover.

You will be shown an estimated file size of the Maps data you are downloading. Now download the map you have selected using the “Download” button and it will be saved from the internet. After it has been completely downloaded, it will work smoothly even without any internet connection. These maps fill up a lot of your internal storage, so keep a check on that. Also, the Google Maps app automatically deletes these maps in 30 days if you don’t.


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