The Phones have changed their shape and features over the years. We have seen phones with weird shapes, unusual designs, and uncommon features. Today, we will discuss about the Samsung SCH-W760.

phone with nightvision camera

You might be confused, which phone is this? But, this is the phone, which was launched by Samsung in 2009 in its homeland (Korea), costing $450.

Now the questions is “What makes the cell phone unusual?

“The cell phone was not unusual as per the design – it seemed to be a typical slider, with a pretty, 2.8 inch display. Still, it was an uncommon phone, and what made it uncommon was its nightvision front camera. The camera was sensitive to infrared light and it allowed to click an image, even at darkest place.
But being unusual, the Samsung SCH-W760 could not get much popularity. The reason may be compromised quality of image or the fact that nobody would really want to have a videochat in complete darkness.




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