Despite the Galaxy Note 7 debacle and a rather messy legal battle with arch-rival Apple, it seems Samsung is sticking to its regular product roadmap. The latest offering from the South Korean firm is a tower PC that recently appeared in an Amazon listing.

Flaunting a sleek, cylindrical design, the forthcoming product measures 5.5-inch in diameter and 12.2-inch in height. There’s a circular environmental light atop the case, accompanied by a Harmon Kardon 360-degree Omni-directional unit.


Worth noting, HP Pavilion recently released a similar product that was initially mistaken by many as a Bluetooth speaker, and then as a newer and cooler variant of Apple’s Mac Pro.

The ArtPC Pulse comes in two models – one with Intel i5 (Skylake) processor and the other with i7. Both are powered by Windows 10 and carry 8GB RAM, AMD Radeon RX 460 GPU, 256GB SSD with up to 2TB hard drive storage, as well as USB 3.0 Type-A, USB-C, and HDMI ports.

The basic variant with an i5 processor will set back users $1,200 whereas the higher-end variant with an i7 processor, 16GB RAM, and 1TB SATA HDD costs $1,600.

Overall, the product is slightly taller and slimmer compared to the Apple Mac Pro which measures at 6.6-in in diameter and 9.9-in in height. While both sport cylindrical shape, the Mac Pro has round curve toward the top whereas the ArtPC Pulse looks more like a bin.


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