A new report claims that Samsung has already completed the internal investigation aimed at figuring the possible causes that may have caused explosions in several units of the now-infamous Samsung Galaxy Note 7. If the report is to be believed, the South Korean firm has already revealed the findings to several outside laboratories, including the likes of Korea Testing Lab, and UL.

Galaxy Note 7 explosion cause

According to the report published by the Investor Samsung started the investigations right away after the issue came into the limelight, but faced trouble reenacting the conditions under which the faulty devices caught fire. The company also promised to formally disclose the cause of the combustions once the investigations would complete. However, it may have decided not to reveal the findings to the masses right away.

Many experts have already come up with their own theories to explain the whole Galaxy Note 7 debacle. Based on an alleged leak of the company’s preliminary investigations, some publications speculated that the explosions were probably caused by a manufacturing error. Samsung, meanwhile, has refrained from substantiating these speculations all along.

Worth noting, the whole Galaxy Note 7 fiasco came as a disaster for the company. Not only did it suffer a massive financial setback after it had been practically forced to withdraw the device from the market, but it also dented the company’s hard-earned reputation. The Investor report claims that Samsung is leaving no stones unturned to ensure that no such mishap happens with its forthcoming flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S8. With that in mind, the company is urging employees to ensure tighter security before the countdown begins for the Galaxy S8 launch.


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