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Samsung revealed the latest line of the company’s QLED TVs. The company is promising “best picture quality – ever,” managing to spark great interest, with the new TV line being one of the most interesting things to see during this year’s CES.

Image Source: Samsung
Image Source: Samsung

New QLED TVs aren’t the first television devices with the display based on the Quantum Dot technology. Samsung already released QLED TVs last year, but this time the design is better, the technology matured, and the pricing shouldn’t be as steep as it was with the first generation of Quantum Dot TVs.

HyunSuk Kim, Visual Display Business President at Samsung is assured the new TVs will redefine TV experience. Kim stated that “2017 will mark a major paradigm shift in the visual display industry, ushering in the era of QLED,” and that “With the advent of QLED TV, we provide the most true-to-life picture on screen. We have been successful in solving for past inconsistencies in the viewing experience and consumer pain points while redefining the fundamental value of TV.”

QLED TV Studio Stand Image Source: Samsung
QLED TV Studio Stand Image Source: Samsung

The new line consists out of three models, Q9, Q8, and Q7, all featuring different screen sizes while at the same time offering ultra-wide viewing angles without sacrificing color accuracy or brightness. Samsung claims this is the first time for a TV device to display DCI-P3 color space and to show one hundred percent color volume. Even at peak QLED luminance values (1,500-2,000 nits) the new TVs are able to show the most subtle color differences. All this is possible thanks to the new Quantum Dot display technology that uses semiconductor nanocrystals in order to project the picture. Similar to OLED displays, QLED screens are power efficient since black is displayed by turning the light on the part of the screen. QLED screens are also flexible, meaning that in the future they could replace AMOLED displays seen on Samsung’s smartphones.

Design improvements are many. QLED TVs support “Invisible Connection;” a single transparent cable that can connect all peripheral devices to the TV. No-gap wall-mount enables mounting the TV against a wall without any gaps between the two. Samsung is going further, trying to make the new TV line to look like a piece of postmodern art with the two TV stands.  A “Studio Stand” makes the TV look like “a painting on an easel,” while a “Gravity Stand” makes the TV look like a “contemporary sculpture,” according to Samsung.

QLED TV Gravity Stand Image Source: Samsung
QLED TV Gravity Stand Image Source: Samsung

Samsung allows users to easily connect their phones with TVs, using the Smart Remote and Smart View features. Smart Remote is an app allowing users to remotely control the TV with their smartphone while Smart View is Samsung view of Chromecast, giving users an option to play content stored on the smartphone on the TV, and also stream content from their phones via streaming apps such as Netflix or Amazon Video.

Two new features are Music and Sports. Music allows users to identify songs playing on the TV in real time, while Sports is basically a live score app.

Samsung didn’t reveal any info regarding pricing and viability, but one thing is sure. The latest QLED TVs will be very, very expensive.


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