A popular leaker on Weibo claims of having internal knowledge on Samsung’s code-named Project V (a.k.a. Project Valley). According to him, this project is Samsung’s plan for making the first foldable phone that will come out in January!

Not long ago, Samsung announced that they are building a bendable phone. Could that be a hint towards an actual foldable phone?

samsung foldable phone
Image courtesy – concept-phones.com

According to the latest rumors, this phone will have 3GB of RAM and is testing two processors, Snapdragon 620 and 820. It is unknown whether there will be two versions of this phone.

This phone will for sure have an OLED screen, as there are no bendable LCD screens. The battery will be non-removable because of the design, and the device will most probably have a microSD card slot.

It is said that the project will end in January, so there may be a chance of seeing the device at the MWC in February.

Let’s not forget that this is not the first time such a device is being introduced. In 2012, the Sony Tablet P was pretty much the same attempt but with two separate screens. Obviously, the technology wasn’t as advanced back then and there is now a higher chance of making such a project successful.

Also, with phones with bigger screens, it has become rather difficult to carry and handle them easily. If this phone does become successful, it will mean you can have a big screen without the need for a bigger pocket to hold it. It is very hard to believe, but something like this is likely to happen very soon!


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