Samsung has always tried to bring in new innovations and technologies in its latest gadgets. It always tries to expand the horizons of its device’s capabilities. Samsung’s continuous efforts to make its devices future-proof manifests itself in its new flagships which never fail to mesmerize fans. The Korean Giant’s new patent seems to be toeing in the same line.


It seems that the future Samsung devices will be able to keep tabs on most of your health indicators according to a new patent filed by the company for advanced laser technology which uses the mobile devices to monitor the vital health stats of a person.


This has been dubbed as the Laser Speckle Interferometric. This technology is capable of monitoring vital health stats like heart rate, blood flow velocity, pulse rate, blood pressure, and skin conditions. This technology may be used in the future Samsung flagship phones, tablets and even Gear smartwatches and other wearable devices. This technology was invented by Russian developers and Samsung has acquired three of the patents.

According to Samsung,

A laser beam emitted from the laser light source is scattered on a skin surface of a wrist of a person, and a speckle pattern formed by scattering of coherent light is detected by the detector and then recorded. Pulsation in arteries causes a skin movement that affects the detected speckle pattern. To detect pulsation having a signal to noise ratio that is high enough to perform accurate measurement, the influence of a vibration caused by a displacement between the mobile device and an object under examination may be removed. The detection of pulsation may be achieved by monitoring, in real time, parameters used to detect optimal conditions.

SamsungSamsung filed for this patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office in September 2015. Although this patent has been acquired by Samsung but it can’t be said with conformity whether this technology will be used in future Samsung devices.


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