Samsung is getting ready to unveil its new smartwatch, dubbed Gear S3, during IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin, or International radio exhibition Berlin, one of the oldest industrial conventions in the world), which will take place in Berlin between September 2 and September 7.

Aside from Gear S3, the Korean giant should also share the newest member of Galaxy Tab family, Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. The Tab S3 will be an affordable device, targeted to mass audiences. The Gear S3, on the other hand, will be Samsung’s flagship smartwatch model, and recent pictures taken by SamMobile confirm that.

Pictures were snagged from a Walmart listing, showing Gear S3 from the front; device packs a round dial (in contrast to some older models, and Apple Watch, sporting rectangular screens), similar to the one we saw on Gear S2, and a traditionally sophisticated look given by metal body, fluted bezel, and metallic bracelet. The display should grow in size, making reading and looking at notifications easier.

Gear S3 Leaked Photos 1
Image Credit: SamMobile

We have to say that the new smartwatch has a distinctive premium look, never seen before on Gear smartwatch family. While maintaining a classic high-end watch design, Samsung made the new smartwatch much more appealing to the eye than its predecessors; something completely different than what Apple did with Apple Watch (which is more of a modern, urban looking device).

Image Credit: SamMobile
Image Credit: SamMobile

As you can see on the photos, new Gear smartwatch will be sold along with screen protector. Smartwatch will be powered by Tizen OS, made by Samsung, and it should be compatible with both Android and iOS. New Gear smartwatch should arrive in three versions:

Samsung Gear S3 Classic

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

Samsung Gear S3 Explorer

It’s unknown at the moment are these pictures legitimate or not. For that, we’ll have to wait for IFA to begin.