Last week we told you why despite all the rumors, Samsung is extremely unlikely to go with 8GB RAM in their forthcoming flagship Galaxy S8. And now, adding more to the disappointment of some Samsung loyalists, new information coming through Chinese channels are hinting that the South Korean company is dropping the plan to include a dual camera setup on the Galaxy S8.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Concept
Samsung Galaxy S8 Concept

If you remember one of Samsung’s recent statement claiming that the next-generation Galaxy will come equipped with an improved camera, we would like to draw your attention to how the company representatives carefully avoided any reference to a dual-camera setup.

According to a new rumor, Samsung decided to drop the dual camera setup plan after much deliberation for reasons unknown. However, on the brighter side, this doesn’t necessarily mean at least one Galaxy S8 variant won’t flaunt dual cameras on the back. In fact, there is a rumor addressing that too. (Yes, there are just too many rumors including many contradicting one another.)

Samsung is reportedly planning to launch two or more variants of the Galaxy S8, and one of them could feature the dual-lens setup. In any case, it would be somewhat weird if the company didn’t incorporate dual-camera on all variants given that it has now become the de facto industry standard among flagships.

There are still three months to go till Samsung officially announces the Galaxy S8, and given the abundance of contradicting speculations out there, we advise users to take these rumors with a pinch of salt.


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