Note: This article will be updated whenever any new leak, rumor, or news about the Galaxy S8 comes out.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge are still new and were launched only a couple of months back. However, the rumor mill waits for no one, and the speculation and gossips about the next flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S8, have already started. While the early information is mostly rumors and guesses, some of them are logical and may turn out to be true.

So we have gathered up all the information on the Galaxy S8 we could and have compiled it into this one comprehensive post so that our readers can get all the details in one place. Do note that most of these details are just rumors, guesses, and speculation, and more solid leaks and details will come out as time passes. We will keep updating this post as and when we get new information.

galaxy s7
Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S8 Specifications

The current flagship S7 is powered by the latest Snapdragon 820 and Samsung’s own Exynos 8990 SoC in some regions. So of course, the Galaxy S8 will get the next flagship chipset, possibly the Snapdragon 830 and Exynos 9000 (if that’s what it will be called). The next-gen processors will provide better performance and will come with better GPUs, and better battery life is also expected.

Apart from the processor, we expect the Galaxy S8 to come with 6GB of RAM, which will be the next flagship standard after the current 4GB RAM. Flagships have now started coming with 6GB RAM, and even the Galaxy Note 6 is going to be flaunting that much RAM. So there’s no reason why Samsung won’t give us 6GB of RAM in the S8. As for the storage, we expect faster internal storage with capacity of up to 256GB, and the microSD slot will hopefully stay.

As for the display, we think the S8 will carry a slightly larger, possibly a 5.5″ Super AMOLED screen. The Galaxy S7 features a 3000mAh battery, and we are sure that the Galaxy S8 will come with a slightly larger battery, at least a 3400mAh unit. We are sure Samsung will find a way to accommodate a larger battery inside the phone while keeping it slim.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Features

Starting from the design, we are sure that the Galaxy S8 will come with a new design. The S7 used the same design that the Galaxy S6 came with, and it is now time to bring in something fresh. We might see a lighter, thinner frame with possibly more glass than metal. There’s a high chance that Samsung will continue its curved Edge display and we will see a Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge for sure, but this time with more functions and utility.

Talking about the display, we think that the Galaxy S8 will get a 4K display, and there’s a reason behind it. Virtual reality has been the highlight of this year, and to promote its Gear VR and make the VR experience richer and more detailed, a 4K screen will do wonders for Samsung’s popularity in the VR zone. This is why the flagship S8 might come with a 4K screen.

Next up, we expect the Galaxy S8 to carry a Type-C USB port. While Type-C has started showing up on a lot of smartphones now and slowly becoming the standard, the Galaxy S7 still has the microUSB port. USB Type-C provides faster charging, faster data transfer, and the convenience of having a reversible connector so you don’t have to worry which side up you are inserting the USB cable into the port, as both sides are the same.

The Galaxy S7 already has a fingerprint scanner, and the Galaxy S8 will also have it obviously. But it is possible that instead of embedding it on the Home button, the S8 might get an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor that can be embedded on the display itself, this removing the need for a Home button completely. It is also being said that the S8 might get an Iris scanner for more security.

Lastly, let’s talk about the camera setup. Dual camera setup is slowly gaining popularity, and even the iPhone 7 Plus/Pro is rumored to get dual cameras at the back. Such a camera setup improves the focusing speed drastically and offers much better low-light performance while also giving a lot of control to the user. For instance, you can set the focus after taking a picture, and do many more things with it.

samsung bio blue screen
Samsung’s Bio Blue Display

Update (29/05/2016): Samsung’s new 4K BioBlue display technology has leaked out, and it is being said that it will be used in the Galaxy S8. This new technology will allow users to keep their eyes fixed on the screen for a longer time without getting their eyes strained, as the amount of blue light emitted by the BioBlue screen is just 6% as compared to AMOLED’s 32%. Also, Samsung is going to use this 4K display in the Galaxy S8 because 4K resolution will result in crisper VR experience.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date

Everybody knows that Samsung likes to launch its flagship smartphones at the MWC (Mobile World Congress Event) that is held in the February-March timeframe. So we don’t think Samsung will change its pattern this time, and the Galaxy S8 launch date will surely be during the MWC 2017. The phone will go on sale by April.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Price

Going by Samsung’s pricing patterns and the way the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7 were priced, we guess the Galaxy S8 will be priced at around $699 USD.


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