Samsung made a fundamental change in the design and build of the Samsung Galaxy S6 by switching from its usual plastic to glass-metal. However, the company doesn’t seem to want to stop here; there are rumors that Samsung is preparing to make more improvements on the build quality of its high-end smartphones.

This rumor came from a recent report made by South Korean media, which claims that Samsung Galaxy S7 will use a magnesium alloy unibody.

Samsung LogoSamsung has recently received magnesium alloy case samples from the same company which made the 6013 aluminum metal frame for the latest Galaxy S6, claims the report quoting ‘unknown sources’ from inside the company. It says Samsung has ordered a magnesium alloy with a surface as smooth as the aluminium in Apple’s latest iPhone generation.

It is very unlikely that Samsung is trying to make a new build material for the internal frame, so the report is probably referring to a magnesium alloy unibody.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is backed by glass, which could be changed by the S7 switching to magnesium alloy. This would make it Samsung’s first ever fully metal flagship.

However, it must not be forgotten that Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus was scandalous last year because it bent so easily, which made Apple switch from aluminium 6003 to 7001 in iPhone 6s Plus. On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy S6 backed by its glass material doesn’t have such a problem; does Samsung really need a tougher internal material build? Why is it trying to switch from glass to magnesium alloy?

We do not know for sure, but we can guess this is because magnesium is lighter yet harder compared to aluminium. By opting for aluminium as a build material for a unibody design, a durable AND lighter phone could be produced! Let us see what Samsung comes up with.


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