New reports coming from South Korea, this time about the release date of Samsung Galaxy S7. According to this report, Samsung Galaxy S7 is tipped to be unveiled on January and will have the official release on February 2016.

According to previous rumors, Samsung is reportedly developing the Samsung Galaxy S7 using agile development methodology. This move will apparently take about two months out of the handset’s development cycle. Even though these reports match with this recent report, nothing is confirmed yet. So, take these rumors with a pinch of salt.

Samsung_Galaxy_S6The report from South Korean media quotes an analyst from SK Securities. The reason why this report is reliable, it’s because SK Securities is owned by SK Group, the same conglomerate thay owns SK Telecom, one of the biggest South Korean telecom carriers. However, it’s not certain that Samsung Galaxy S7 might get an early launch or if the release date will be February for all the markets or just in South Korea.

In the last two years, Samsung launched its Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S6 at the Mobile World Congress, a major tech event in Barcelona, held on late February or early March. After that, both handsets were available for purchase on April. This could be one of the clues about the release date. The second indication is the early launch of Samsung Galaxy Note5, which is a sign that Samsung is maybe trying to speed up its launch cycle.

While Samsung was willing to break the tradition of launching the newest Galaxy Note phablet for four years in a row at IFA, it is not impossible at all that the Samsung Galaxy S7 could be unveiled earlier than usually too.


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