After the whole fiasco with problematic (to say the least) Galaxy Note 7 batteries, Samsung had to face a similar problem, this time, related to its Galaxy S7 Edge model. Reportedly, one user from the Philippines had her device explode without external influences (charger, heat, etc.). The Korean Company gave the user – going by the name of Weng Briones – a full refund after she published a Facebook post telling about the incident.


As you can see on the pictures, device ended with a bang, with the screen and the backside  fully destroyed. Luckily, Ms. Weng didn’t end up injured. She praised Samsung in her post, telling how the company gave her a full refund after bringing the exploded device at one Samsung store in the Philippines. The news comes after another similar case when a man suffered third-degree burns after his Galaxy S7 Edge exploded while in his pocket.


It seems Samsung has serious problems with its flagship devices. The company stated it would resume selling of Galaxy Note 7, starting September 28. As you all know, the whole shipments were withdrawn after discovering the model had defect battery.

The new units (that will begin selling at September 28) are promised not to have any problems regarding the battery. Further, Samsung will incorporate a software patch letting the battery charge to full, fixing a bug that prevented the battery to charge more than 30 percent.