Word around the street is that the new Galaxy Note would be exclusively powered by an Exynos SoC, which has been used among the Samsung Galaxy S6 line up. It seems that Qualcomm will no longer be a part of the future flagship phones of Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Codename Jungfrau
Samsung Galaxy S7 powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon

At the other side, a report emerges from Samsung’s home country claims that the company is working on Samsung Galaxy S7 and it will have Qualcomm’s processors once again.

Recent report stated that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note will have Exynos 7422 SoC, all in-one chip-set solution which means it will incorporate the CPU, RAM, GPU, internal memory and the LTE modem.

Such bits of information could raise arguments that the time for Samsung’s dependence on Qualcomm’s chip-sets in the premium segment is coming to an end. However, the media in South Korea has reported that there are two Samsung Galaxy S7 variants are already being worked on with the code-name “Jungfrau”.

Samsung is carrying out series of tests on both the models, one of the model is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and the other with Exynos SoC. This is been done to determine the best out of the two models before it is mass produced.

This could also mean that Samsung might release the Galaxy S7 in two variants just like they have done before with the Samsung Galaxy S6 or the company is just exploring  possibilities. Finally time will tell what will happen and until then we will keep looking for more clues and leaks to come up.