As if the Galaxy Note 7 explosions weren’t enough, an incident involving Galaxy S6 Edge explosion has made consumers all the more apprehensive about owning a Samsung device. It looks like the explosions will continue to haunt the Korean giant for some more time. The Note 7 explosions have already tarnished the image of Samsung and the recent Galaxy S6 Edge explosion has only made it worse for the company. And now, the Galaxy S7 is in the news for all the wrong reasons.

image source: consumerist
image source: consumerist

Galaxy S7 Camera Glass Shatters Just Like That

Well, you read that right. Several Galaxy S7 units have been spotted with rear camera glass shattering for no reason whatsoever. Sounds weird? It sure does! Consumerist reader Sean brought the world’s attention to an incident that happened with his new Samsung Galaxy S7. Sean reportedly purchased a new Galaxy S7 in the third week of December only to wake up on December 22nd and find the camera glass shattered. The phone was in a case and sat untouched on his nightstand all night long. Samsung phones catching fire on their own and now camera glass shattering on its own! Way to go Samsung!

“The camera glass had shattered like a miniature bullet hole”, Sean recalls. The fact that the glass shattered is not Sean’s mistake; he was disappointed all the more when he contacted Samsung and the company refused to replace the device, insisting that he had caused physical damage to the phone. According to Sean, a shattered glass, unless otherwise intentionally caused by the user, is a defect under manufacturer’s warranty and must be covered and accounted for by the company. Clearly disappointed with the Korean Giant’s response, Sean began searching online to check if other users had also experienced similar situations.

Samsung Forums Filled With Similar Issues

It looks like Sean’s incident is neither isolated nor unique. About three months ago, another user posted on Samsung community forum about Galaxy S7 rear camera shattering for no reason whatsoever. “I have Verizon and had to return the phone twice for bad overheating battery and going dead too fast…this was before the whole note 7 battery fiasco, and I am still not convinced it’s not a bigger problem (like on other models like the s7’s) than what is being claimed. Anyway, not here for that. I went to use my camera which I do often and picture was all blurry, only to find the glass on camera was shattered. I would be proud to admit I hit it with something, and wish I could say I have a bad memory and may have forgot I hit it, but just not the case”, the post reads.

Another user also complained of a similar issue. “I had my phone for less than a week when I noticed the lens was shattered….well it took about 3 weeks to get it fixed…I’ve had it back for less than a week and the lens is cracked. I did notice when I got it back there was a bubble at the top of the lens but didn’t want to give my phone up for another 3 weeks…is there a issue with the lens, or am i the only one. It cost 70 to get it fixed.”

Well, it looks like the shattering of camera glass is really a cause for worry after all. Consumerist has already reached out to Samsung for comments but hasn’t heard back yet. Will Samsung own up responsibility for this one or will it pass the blame to users until it figures out the root cause? Has your Galaxy S7 camera glass shattered? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section.


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