Just after a week when  both the Samsung flagships, Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge went on sale, Samsung has rolled out this month’s Android security update for these devices. T-Mobile has already started rolling out this security update while Verizon will start pushing the updates from March 18.

While T-Mobile’s official page doesn’t clearly state that this is an Android security update, but the official page of Verizon clearly mentions that the update will include “the most up to date Android security patch.”

The update for the T-Mobile carrier has a build number of UVS2APB8 while that of Verizon is build number VRS2APB4.

Galaxy S7

However, it may be noted if you aren’t aware, this won’t be the first update for the S7 Edge as the device had received its first update just a day prior to its launch. The update was although very small but was of very high importance.

Samsung always takes very good care of its flagship devices and these updates clearly reflect that. Do let us know if you got the update and stay tuned for other news and info from the tech world.


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