A couple of hours ago, price of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge was unveiled in Italy, it now turns to the Sweden and Switzerland. Pricing for the Swiss users is lower compared to those in Italy and Sweden with the most affordable Samsung Galaxy S6 (32GB) priced just 699 Sfr (equivalent to EUR654) as well as the S6 Edge 32GB variant costs 849 Sfr (equivalent to EUR794). You can see below image for all variants price in the Switzerland.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 in Switzerland
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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge in Switzerland

On the other side, these devices already up for preorder from the official web site of Samsung in the Sweden. The Galaxy S6 Edge is priced at 8,490 SEK ($1,003) for 32GB, 9,490 SEK ($1,121) for 64GB, and 10,490 SEK ($1,239) for 128GB version, while the Galaxy S6 is priced at 6,990 SEK ($825), 7,990 SEK ($944), and 8,990 SEK ($1,062) for 32GB, 64GB and 128GB respectively.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge in Sweden

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