Verizon has pushed the Android 5.1.1 and fixes for the Stagefright bug identified in the variants of Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 edge and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1.  This update will permit users to use Caller Name ID if the Advanced Calling is enabled on Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. This feature helps you in identifying who is the calling party, thus enabling you to filter your desired calls. Not only this the update will allow you to switch off the parallax “Wallpaper motion effect”, which is being complained by many making users feel dizzy. On top of it you can now choose your desired wallpaper from plethora of options provided for the locked screen.

Coming to Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1, the update will add the Material design based on Lollipop to the tablet. Apart from that it also contains a security patch as a protection against Stagefright bug. This update will also include a reactivation lock, which is useful in case someone has stolen your tab. Due to this the thief will not be able to put the device on a factory reset till the time you have appropriate rights to your Samsung account. If we talk about display, this update has bought brighter themes on the tablet along with an introduction of new page dubbed as “Recent Apps”. Floating action buttons are also added as a feature for the lock screen notifications.

All the three device will received the updates as OTA (over the air) and will be sent by Verizon in a spread over period of time. So don’t get panic if you didn’t receive an update today or tomorrow. May be you will get it day after tomorrow. However keep checking on the notifications you receive which says the update is here. To install the update on the device, you should first connect the device to a Wi-Fi connection or a hotspot nearby and then try to update so that you have a smooth experience. Needless to say please juice up your phone battery to atleast 50% before you download the update.


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