Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge are in the air due to increasing popularity and high demand since their announcement at MWC earlier this month. But the Samsung didn’t reveled the prices at the time, however, the company has confirmed the launch of devices in 20 countries on April 10.

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The Samsung Galaxy S6 (factory unlocked) SM-G920 model is now accessible at Amazon US in all three storage variants priced at $1190 for 32GB, $1349 for 64GB and $1499 for 128GB. The listed price is unexpectedly much higher compared to UK, where eBay has priced the Galaxy S6 (32GB) for mere GBP549.99, which is approximately $823.

The vendor has mentioned the shipping date as April 10, the same day when the company is launching the smartphone in 20 countries.

We are unsure whether the listing is real, we will have to wait for April 10 for official pricing.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge are already accessible for pre-order in UK and Sweden. The Verizon Wireless has also confirmed the pre-orders in US starting from next month.  If you are not from all these countries, you should check the price and launch details of 15 countries.



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