Call / Sound Quality

The call quality on both the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge is excellent. We’d no difficulties hearing the party on another side and vice-versa. The network reception is good too, and we didn’t notice any falls in connectivity.

The loudspeaker, which is placed at the base, is 1.5x louder than the one on its predecessor. Nevertheless, placing it on max. volume definitely creates distortion, which will be a pity as that might prevent many users from placing the phones on max. vol from fear of blowing the speaker.

The ear-buds which comes with the handset are of great quality, and we are amazed with its performance. The tones are balanced, plus they render quite realistic sound. This time, the bass proves to be really very nice as well as the highs are not that loud, and Samsung has finally gotten it correct in this section.

It is quite impressive that Samsung spent some time to get it right in the sound section. Distortion at high volume on the loudspeaker aside, you’re getting an excellent audio experience on the Galaxy S6 duo.


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