Something you can bet about Samsung mobiles is that their flagship devices always have an excellent camera, and it is the same case with Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. Both come with the 16 megapixels Sony IMX240 sensor similar to Galaxy Note Edge and the Note 4, with Samsung’s homebrewed optical image stabilization unit. The Notes mentioned here had an aperture of 2.2 and thus made underwhelming low light photos. On the Galaxy S6 duo, Samsung has chosen to get another lens with the aperture of f1.9, and such mobiles capture way more light because of this.

Essentially, compared to the earlier apparatus of Samsung, the S6 and S6 edge take fantastic images in low light conditions. The images come out with lots of detail and low noise compared to what we are used to from mobiles shooting in low light, though a negligible problem we found is the darker it gets, the warmer the colours get, at least when you do not use the LED flash.

In daytime, the graphics come out amazing – photographs are slightly over-lit in some instances, but these are the most effective photographs any Samsung mobile has shot till date. Take a look at couple of images taken with these handsets, rest assured that these are on the list of very best cameras ever put on a cellular device.


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