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The Galaxy S6 edge is a matter of beauty thanks to that particular edge display. Setting your favorite five contacts for fast access (by swiping in from the edge) has never been so simple, though it is a pity you can not scroll here and have more than five contacts at any time. Come on Samsung, was it difficult to execute the choice for over five contacts.

What exactly could I do using the border display?

The edge screen attributes are turned off by default, which means you will have to visit Settings ->> Edge display and set it up. Among the modes that are emphasized is the so called Night clock. It reveals the time and date on the edge strips through the nighttime (or any up to 12 hours period you select). You do not need to do anything to awaken this strip up – it is constantly on. You need to have in mind that having this constantly-on clock will consume added 2-3% battery compared to your own normal routine standby pattern.

The edge strip, regardless of whether the Night clock is active or not, can be awaken having a little swipe after which swipe down gesture to lit it bright. If info stream is live, it is possible to scroll between different information strips by swiping down or up. The information wills refresh by pulling it from right.

The accessible information strips are RSS feeds, Yahoo weather, Yahoo news, Yahoo stocks, Yahoo Sport scores, and, needless to say, missed notifications. It is possible to configure the refresh interval time, turn it ON/Off, and re-arrange them. More strips can be found inside the Galaxy Apps repository.

Another lovely edge attribute is the Edge lighting – when the mobile is turned over and a fresh notification comes in, the strip will light up. It’s going to light up in their unique colour, if the notification is from your favorite contact. You can also reject a call using a pre-defined message by putting a finger on the heart rate sensor continuously for 2 seconds. The cellphone has to be lying on its display for both the two features.

samsung galaxy s6 edge contact color assign review

People edge, another attribute that is proprietary and extremely cool – when notifications have been missed from among your preferred contacts, you’ll get a tablature of the specific shade on the edge sides. You should just pull it to the left to see what it is about. The People Edge works perfectly on both the home and lock-screen.

samsung galaxy s6 edge people edge feature review

Finally, you are allowed to choose the edge strip location – right or left and it remains fixed for several attributes. There’s absolutely no scenario both edges can be used for notifications.


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