The battery life on Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge was a question mark taking into consideration the screen resolution has almost doubled as well as the battery capacity was downgraded to 2,550/2,600 mAh respectively. It still sounds just like a pretty ample battery, but we were interested to know how it compares to the stellar Lollipop endurance of its own forerunner.

We were correct to be concerned as these handsets posted lesser functionality on our evaluation when compared with the Galaxy S5.

The battery scores are not that poor and are in fact higher than average. The battery of the S6 had enough juice to continue for approx. 19 hours and 45 minutes on 3G calling. That is less compared to Galaxy S5 managed, though it is managed to score higher in terms of video playback and web browsing.

At the end, the brand new phones were able to reach of good evaluation of 73h, which may not be as striking as the 83h symbol of Galaxy S5, but it will still continue for three days if you’re utilizing it for an hour of calls, internet and video playback every day.


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