Meet the fifth generation Galaxy Note, though we prefer to consider it as the third “age” of Note. Every other generation brings a fresh design language – two were all plastic, faux leather was added by the next pair, now plastic has dropped entirely to get a metal and glass followup to the Galaxy S6.

samsung galaxy note5, image, official, specificationThe Samsung Galaxy Note5 (there is no space in name between Note and 5) is a development of the Note 4 with S6 DNA. The bezels round the 5.7″ display are narrower, the phablet itself is nearly a millimeter thinner making it simpler to hold in the hand.

The Super AMOLED display has similar QHD resolution but yes, the way it interacts using the S Pen stylus has been revamped. Though that just functions to get it out of its own sheath, the stylus is clickable. As soon as you do, you’ll be able to begin instantly taking a note even when the display is “off”.

In case the display has already been on the newest Air Command shows up. You can place program shortcuts inside to make multitasking more easy.

The Galaxy Note5 has 4GB of RAM, bumped from 3GB on the Galaxy S6 and Note 4. This provides more playroom to programs, but the Exynos 7420 chipset may have an even larger impact – it is now the fastest mobile chipset out there, as new rivalry is to catch up, Samsung did not even need to overclock it.

Storage is dependent on the Fast UFS 2.0 standard. While it outruns routine eMMC 5.0 storage, data hoarders have been locked out of enlarging the memory – the base version has 32GB, you can update to 64GB and that is it. No microSD slot, no 128GB choice.

The camera is lifted in the Galaxy S6. A 16MP sensor behind a broad f/1.9 aperture, plus optical image stabilization and auto real-time HDR. 2160p video can be recorded by it or live stream 1080 p. For selfies you get a 5MP sensor and an f/1.9 aperture.

Samsung has upgraded the audio section with Ultra Premium Quality Sound, which guarantees “more affluent” sound. This attribute will work over Bluetooth with new compatible level on headphones.

The Galaxy Note5 includes all wireless options, but the highlight must be Samsung Pay, which works over NFC or MST (Magnetic Safe Transmission). Pay will start in the United States in September so it’ll be all ready to use before the Note5 reaches to user hands.

The fingerprint sensor is available for enhanced security of payment transactions as well as other features of Note.

This time no increment in battery capacity, though it is not the same. The battery capacity has been reduced to 3,000mAh, that means a total 220mAh dropped from earlier numbers. Samsung is counting on fast charging – both wireless and wired!

The Samsung Galaxy Note5 will soon be accessible for pre-orders, offered in White Pearl, Black Sapphire, Gold Platinum and Silver Titanium.

In the United States, the Galaxy Note5 will be released on August 21st, however it can be pre-ordered starting today. In case you want to go for hands-on, the phablet will be available in 7,000 places across the country. For the price, there are no details as of now, but that is part of carriers, so we will soon be updating the pricing when carriers announce it officially.


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