The only reason you didn’t know about Galaxy Note 8 coming with a dual-camera setup could be that you’re living under a rock. With the leaks and rumour mills working round the clock, it is quite hard for the companies to keep their unannounced devices under wraps. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has also been subjected to a number of leaks and they all have suggested many crucial details of the phone including about its camera optics.

None of the Samsung devices in the past have sported a dual-camera setup, making the Galaxy Note 8 the first one to do so. With the launch expected for next month, we are so close that it would be difficult for Samsung to make any changes to the final design or specifications of the phone. With many of the recent leaks confirming a horizontally placed dual-camera setup, we will have to accept that the Note 8 would indeed carry one.

Moreover, after the major Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, Samsung had to come out with the Galaxy Note 8 with a feature that stands out, at least from its own product portfolio. Most of the flagships phones being launched, including the recent OnePlus 5, LG G6, and the last year’s iPhone 7 Plus, have sported a dual-camera setup and Samsung will just be joining the bandwagon.

An image posted on Slashleaks gives us a detailed look at the design of the Galaxy Note 8. The schematics that can be seen in the image included above, the device is shown to come with a camera setup that is in line with what other leaks have shown. What’s not changed is the fingerprint sensor’s position, which is going to be as annoying as the Galaxy S8.

The only relief is the presence of the LED flash and heart rate sensor between the camera lens and the fingerprint sensor. Your index finger will now not smudge the camera lens while trying to touch the fingerprint sensor if you somehow manage to reach the sensor placed at a mountain’s height.

Another aspect of the Note 8 that these schematics confirm is the presence of the Bixby button right below the volume rocker. Frankly, the button is just a waste of space until it is locked to be used with Bixby. The Samsung virtual assistant isn’t smart enough either to replace the Google Assistant. We do hope that Samsung would allow the users to customise the use of this button according to their will but that’s highly unlikely.

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There is nothing to talk about the front of the phone, it would exactly be like the Galaxy S8+ but with a slightly larger display. Software wise, an improved version of the Galaxy S8 series UI is expected with additions for the Note’s iconic stylus.