We all know that Samsung is going to launch the Galaxy Note 7 on 2nd August, which is around half a month away. Meanwhile, leaks and rumors about the phone are pouring in continuously. Today, a new set of images have been leaked out, showing the Galaxy Note 7 fast charger clearly.

As you can see in the photo below, the Galaxy Note 7 charger supports 12V (2.1A), 9V (1.67A), and 5V. These are the three modes of operation of the charger that supports Adaptive Fast Charging technology. This tech helps keep the battery healthy for a longer time. The charger takes up to 25.2 watts of power.

Of course, many people had expected a faster charger, but that’s the current standard right now and it’s isn’t weak in any way. But OPPO’s VOOC is faster anyway. Also note that the Galaxy Note 7 is going to get USB-Type C port. This means that we can expect even faster charging than the S7 phones. Along with that, the reversible USB-C connectors are more convenient and also provide faster data transfer.

The Samsung Galaxy Note7 is expected to come with 8GB RAM and Snapdragon 821 processor. It may be the best Samsung phone ever. Let’s wait.


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