Most probably in Samsung is surely going to launch the new Galaxy Note dubbed as Galaxy Note 5 which can be bigger than its predecessor Note 4. According to rumors Note 5 will feature a 5.9inch Quad HD screen making in 0.2inches bigger than Note 4.
Samsung Galaxy Note 5In the past few days we have seen several alleged images for protective cases, which have helped us imagine how the device may look like. Now a new set of images surfaced on twitter through @OnLeaks showing a set of new protective case. However these cases like the earlier ones are not opaque but transparent. In two of the images surfaced, we also get to have a sneak peek on the renders of Galaxy Note 5, but we had to take these images with a pinch of salt as there are no official validations of the same.

One of the image shows a Galaxy Note 5 case with big holes on the flip side undoubtedly for the rear camera, LED flash and a heart beat sensor. Also one can see at the bottom there are four holes presumable for a speaker, charging point, audio jack of 3.5mm, and a S Pen Stylus. Like Galaxy Note 4, the Galaxy Note 5 will have a volume keys on left hand side of device and power button on right hand side. Also we can infer that the Galaxy Note 5 can be 7.99 mm thick which makes it slimmer than Galaxy Note 4 and thicker than Galaxy S6. Galaxy Note 4 was 8.55mm thick whereas Galaxy S6 was only 6.8mm thick.

One of the images shown in gallery is just a placeholder and should not be assumed to be an actual Galaxy Note 5.


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