The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is tipped to unveil almost a month early to get an early advantage of its prominent competitors in the form of Apple iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Another Korean source confirmed that the tablet will be launched in August with a variant without a stylus and dubbed as Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Plus.

galaxy note 5

There are very few differences between the specifications of these two devices wherein the first and more prominent is the S Pen Stylus. The other variations in specs include RAM adorning the Galaxy Note 5 will be 4GB where as on S6 edge plus it will be 3GB. Apart from that Note 5 will be powered by whooping 4,100mAh battery as compared to 3,000mAh of S6 edge Plus which is little suspicious.

The common specifications on the two devices include a 5.7inch Quad HD Super AMOLED display with Exynos 7422/7420 and a 16MP rear camera providing optical image stabilization. According to the sources Galaxy Note 5 might be unveiled on August 13th in grand even in the New York wherein the earlier rumors pointed it to August 12th.  Looking at the dates, which are near enough to be judged which one is correct is left to you for now. While we are placing are bet on August 12th which looks like more auspicious then the 13th of the month.  However now we have to wait for the official invitation from Samsung, to confirm the exact date and time to unveil the beauties.