Samsung released a new generation of its mid-range J series a couple of months ago. Compared to the previous generation, new J series provides a small number of improvements, mostly regarding the capacity of RAM memory and chipset used. The Galaxy J7 is a top model from J series, with the biggest screen and the best components used.  The question most users have is a simple one – is the Galaxy J7 2016 a good enough leap forward from the Galaxy J7, and is it worth paying more just to have the latest one? Stay with us and find out which one is a better buy.

Galaxy J7 (2016) vs. Galaxy J7

Regarding screen size and resolution, two models are practically the same; both pack a 5.5-inch screen with 720p (1280×720) resolution, having a solid 267ppi pixel density. While not the highest one, it is good enough for most users, and if screen size and resolution are the things you matter the most, there is no real difference between the Galaxy J7 and 2016 model.

galaxy j7 2016-1
J7 2016

When looking at chipset used, the Galaxy J7 comes in two flavors. Samsung decided to use Snapdragon 615 combined with Adreno 405 GPU, or its own Exynos 7580 Octa packing Mali-T720MP2 GPU. Both chipsets are more than enough for regular usage, and you’ll be happy to know that most games will perform well enough, even the big hits like Asphalt 8. For those who want pure numbers, the J7 has Antutu score of around 38,000; a nice score for last year’s mid-range device. The Galaxy J7 2016 comes only with Exynos-Octa CPU clocked at 1.6Hz, a nice chipset powerful enough for all tasks you might be performing on your phone. Antutu score for the J7 2016 is noticeably higher when compared to 2015 version, with a total score of 44,500.

phones under 15000
Samsung Galaxy J7

The Galaxy J7 comes with 1.5 gigs of RAM, while its younger cousin, J7 2016, has 2 gigs of RAM. While this doesn’t look like much of a difference, more RAM is always preferable. Both phones come with 16GB of internal storage that can be expanded with an SD card. Main cameras are the same on both models, with a 13 MP resolution, aperture size of f/1.9, and autofocus. As with main cameras, front cameras are also the same on both models, with 5 MP resolution.

Both models come with Android 5.1, and both have the 4G capability. Physically, they are almost the same but the Galaxy J7 2016 model has better build quality and is slightly slimmer than last year’s model. The battery is bigger on the 2016 model, with a capacity of 3300mAh; the Galaxy J7 2015 has a battery with “only” 3000mAh.

The Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) can be bought for around $240, while the Galaxy J7 2015 can be yours for $195. So, which model is a better buy? Well, as per my personal opinion, a slightly better chipset, bigger battery capacity, more RAM, and a better build quality are worth for $50 more. But, if you love taking photos, the Galaxy J7 2016 model won’t bring you better camera. In that case, the J7 2015 will still be a solid buy, but if you want more RAM, bigger battery, and a better processor, while not having problem of spending $50 more, than go for the Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016).


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