Apple faces stiff competition from Asian manufacturers on every front. The iPhone, for instance, is in close competition with Samsung devices. Since the Samsung Galaxy S7 release, iPhones declined in sales. But, the iPhone sales may improve with the release of the 2016 iPhones in September.

iOS versus Android share of web Traffic
iPhone declines in sales but still remain the world’s leader in the mobile market.

A research analysing web traffic by Device Atlas reveals that iPhones remain the most popular devices worldwide. However, during the second quarter of 2016, Apple iPhone experienced an increase in sales in only 2 out of the 20 countries, DeviceAtlas analysed. In the UK, Germany, and the US phone sales declined by 10%, 6%, and 4% respectively.

iPhones are the only phones running the rather impressive iOS. For this reason, when comparing iPhones to other phones, it is more of a battle of iOS against Android. Android is an Open Source OS with hundreds of vendors. The most popular Android Vendor is Samsung, which makes the Samsung phones the closest iPhones competitors. The main reason Samsung trails iOS is that there are still countries that have not fully embraced Android. For instance, iOS is almost completely dominant in the UK, the US, Australia and Canada, according to DeviceAtlas.

Samsung significantly improved smartphone sales in the second quarter but did not manage to outshine Apple. It increased sales by more than 10 percent in countries such as the UK, France and Saudi Arabia. It only suffered losses in sales in Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

The iPhone SE remains the most popular iPhone. According to web traffic statistics, the 4-ich display device is the most preferred smartphone in Canada and is in the top five most favourite devices in the US, the UK, and France.

Softpedia suggests that Samsung is the most popular device, but struggles to outshine Apple in sales. There are many Android devices but only a few iPhone choices. The truth is that Android surpasses iOS due to its many vendors. If there were only a few Android vendors, iPhone could probably be a very insignificant player in the market.

Maybe we will have such a report at the end of the third quarter. But that is hugely dependent on the performance of the 2016 iPhones, which are coming soon and the performance of the recently released Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Which one do you prefer, the Samsung Flagship phones or are you loyal to the iPhone? Let us know in the comments section.


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