You have got the top devices in the line of Samsung Galaxy S and Note and some fairly adequate alternatives coming up through the trendy Samsung Galaxy A line, but the South Korean firm is searching to introduce another line of smartphones. It is E series, and until now we actually did not have much of an idea of what to anticipate.

A new user agent profile listing found on the website of Samsung drops some new light, however, as the Samsung E500 has been leaked. Early elements reveal the apparatus will sport 720p resolution on a rumored 5-inch screen, and that it will include a 1.2GHz chip. No word on chip model and make, though we wouldn’t be surprised to discover it is a set of silicon from the Snapdragon 400 that is finding its way into wearables and affordable devices.

There was not much other significant info to be had from the user agent profile, though it is fine to get evidence about what to anticipate when Samsung get ready to show them. We are unsure what kind of range we can anticipate from the E Series line with regard to top end handsets, though there’s anticipated to be a 5.5-inch offering to come alongside the E500.

There is much left to know about Samsung’s E series, hence, we’ll be keeping an eye out for any new details.


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