Samsung has been using English and Latin alphabets for the nomenclature of its various smartphone models for a good time now. We already have A,E,J,S and Z series of smartphones. Each of these line-ups further contains various versions like ‘Note’, ‘One’, etc.

It seems that there is a new line-up called C-series this time as a Samsung device having model number SM-C5000 has been listed on the Indian customs database, Zauba.


The model SM-C5000 will be a 5.2-inch device and that is all we know right now about this device. Sources reveal that there is also a C7000 model under development.

If we closely study the nomenclature pattern of Samsung, we would find that S-A-J-E-Z series are in descending order of price. S series being the most expensive, followed by the A-series and J-series devices.

This device has a declared price of INR 13,625 ($205) which is just a bit higher than the price of the last year’s Samsung Galaxy J5. The C-series will be primarily targeted towards the Chinese smartphone market, but it will also be made available in few other regions. This also makes it very unlikely that this Galaxy C5 is the Samsung’s mysterious motorcycle-related launch which is scheduled for 31st March. Samsung is keeping its cards close and we will have to wait till it unveils the device or some other concrete new surfaces.


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