With 14nm FinFET production process, Samsung has moved to the top in the mobile chip manufacturing space. But this has not stopped Samsung to moving further. From the reports it has been learnt that Samsung has added a new 10nm FinFET chip production process in its foundry roadmap.

It looks like Samsung is little uncomfortable while seeing its competitor TSMC doing risk trial production of 10nm in coming months. In order to stop churn out of the customers Samsung has now come up with 10nm FinFET roadmap where it will create a foundry very soon. However Samsung has not revealed any changes in the earlier plan of releasing it late next year.

Couple of months ago, the first 10nm chips was shown by System LSI division which is a very unexpected move by the manufacturer, but that will definitely leave customers like Apple in a fix, before they shake hands with TSMC for the production of next generation chipsets.

The 10nm FinFET process is expected to increase the clock rate by 20% while provide a big saving in terms of power consumption by getting it reduced to 40%. The 10nm process will surely shrink the chip size and will allow the manufacturers to increase the battery. Only time will tell who will win this race.

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