2016 was an exciting year for gamers and video games alike. We have some highly anticipated titles coming this year. However, get ready for the ultimate bombshell to drop. Volition took everyone by surprise when they revealed the cancelled PSP game Saints Row Undercover. They had a stream where they showed off new tricks. Volition finished it off by giving away the ISO for everyone to play with. All this juicy unreleased Saints Row goodness has definitely filled the void left after Gat Out of Hell released. Now we have some ripe speculation regarding Saints Row 5 which we want to share with you regarding the Saints Row 5 release date.

saints row 5 release date
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Saints Row 5 Release Date – Game will most likely be a reboot

We highly doubt that Deep Silver which is owned by Koch Media would pay over $22 million to buy the series just to have one game and one standalone expansion made. After all, before they succumbed to bankruptcy, THQ was reliant on Saints Row to save the company.

That didn’t work but the marketing helped the series immensely. Deepsilver would not buy out that cow just to milk it once. But yes, it’s highly likely that there will be a Saints Row 5 release date, however, it will be a reboot. In co-relation to head writer of the Saints Row franchise leaving and how open ended the conclusion of Gat Out of Hell is, it really leaves us thinking that this is a good time to reboot the series with another timeline.

It’s impossible to predict what will happen next. If the team decided to continue the series in its current state we might have a Red Faction spiritual successor at our hands dressed up as a Saints Row game. However, we’re yearning for a return of the more grounded chaos present in the previous Saints Row games. We also don’t want to see a homogeneous little game that will always be seen as Grand Theft Auto’s crazy little brother.

However, the main question right now is when we’re even going to get an announcement of the Saints Row 5 release date. Following the timeline of releases for all Saints Row games, we should’ve received an announcement of a Saints Row 5 release date by now but it appears the studio is busy in other games. Let us know what you think of our Saints Row 5 release date analysis.

  • Tracergy

    Here’s an idea what about if instead of in sr5 they use some sort of time machine bringing them back to before either sr4 or 3 and then pick it up from there. I feel like if they did this then it will please everyone because they can fill up whatever gap between what happens in between sr2 and sr3 pleasing everyone

  • Allison Husted

    They should pick up off where gat out of hell left off an we choose how we want to start off the game with Eather recreating the earth finding a new home on another planet An they can figure out the rest for the other few choices that are left in that game I think it’d be interesting to see how that’d play out!

  • knuckles2007

    i hope there will be LOTS OF CHEATS and still be able to earn achievements…

  • Mick Gad gaming

    You know what would be cool if sr5 takes place after 4 and you have to deal with other alien overlords like they were gang bosses and have different maps for each one

  • Adolfo Cordova

    Mixed feelings here. First the SR4 was the worst, so plagued with bad ideas, using the matrix wannabe paint over was in my eyes the worst posible idea, i THINK a reboot would be a good idea, but with SR3 grafics, with the posisbility of female main char, and with dialogues, with all the crazzy customizacion of clothing of SR2, AND AVOID MATRIX BS i cannot stress that last one more.
    i liked SR3 for 1 main reason, nowadays they produce games more and more realistic, textures, hgrafics etc. SR3 put that a side, and let the game be a game, pretty carachters, crazy stuff, on other words F#$% reallistic bs, I DONT WANT A REALISTIC GAME I WANT A SEXY CRAZY GAME, but not too crazy SR4 was just beyond of wath was acceptable

  • Dave carter

    I want it to go back to the original saints row 1 and 2 type, like those were so much more real and fun. If I want powers or aliens then I’ll play a sci fi game like halo or sum. But I want a gangster game. Who cares if it’s just like gta, that’s what most people want.

    • Adonis Price

      Judging by the sales of saints row three and four, they were not exactly harmed by stopping their imitation of gangster games… of which there are already dozens. They haven’t been hurt by differentiating, what is the incentive to go back to copying GTA?

      If you want a gangster game, you already have plenty of those. I just don’t see a reason why Saints Row needs to be get another one. Especially because GTA already exists, and there isn’t really a game that pulls it off better than Rockstar already does.

  • RIII

    Make Saint’s Row 5 exist in the same canon timeline as all of the others (or they were a dream), and make it a serious, more mature, badass version like Saint’s Row 2 but with the better-than-GTA features like storing tons of cars that always come back in a garage, 3-6 gangs and turf wars, player creation, leveling, etc. Then make it so later you can at-will go into a virtual “matrix” alternate reality version of the same city with a different set of missions and all the crazy unrealistic weapons, vehicles, fighting aliens and bionic humans and futuristic military in addition to the norm, and having superpowers (that you can turn off, so you don’t always run at super speed making cars hard to steal and always useless).

    Viola, perfect Saint’s Row that pleases both parties and a game that can be better than both GTA and superhero sandbox games.

    • Francesco D’Arcangeli

      ^This. I approached GTA after SR and one thing that shocked me is that it lacked SR2/3 gang warfare mechanisms, meaning I couldn’t FOCUS on gang warfare per se as opposed to the storyline.
      One of the good things in SR3 is that it made ‘hoods conquerable via activities as opposed to story missions. I’d divide each gang’s territory in
      a) story locked hoods (basically the gang HQ and maybe 1 other territory, you cannot take them because they’re integral to the storyline
      b) strongholds/open gang warfare hoods (heavy combat missions, maybe conquerable with different strategies like stealth, open warfare etc, with a storyline element. The SR2 strongholds are what I mean). Getting strongholds unlocks stuff and can have effect on the story (as in being required a la SR2 to unlock final gang mission OR changing the type of mission)
      c) hoods conquerable by activities or side missions, not necessarily combat ones (say, you convince one adrenalin-junkie lieutenant of a Westside Rollerz-like gang to “gamble” control over the hood or part of it in a car race, or you buy all the lands and shops).

      What I’d want from SR5 however would be, first and foremost,
      I’m talking GTAV big, or something like that. Think about it, a San Andreas full of SR Madness, maybe with mock GTA characters (wouldn’t you like The Protagonist to fight agains Trevor?)

  • Alice Sacco

    I hope we will still have a customizable protagonist.

  • Shell

    IF they do new characters, how about they finally give the boss a name instead of her/him always being called protagonist.

    • Adonis Price

      The whole point of doing that is because you can create any kind of character you want. Giving them a name would be really tricky for that reason. Same reason they tend to try to void gender pronouns when characters are addressing you.

    • Francesco D’Arcangeli

      Then it wouldn’t be SR.
      But they could give The Boss a last name and a choice of first names, gender-specific iike Shepard in Mass Effect.

  • Oliver Biscuit

    I hope they make another. Especially if they keep it in the same adult oriented, crude, low brow humor I’m used to seeing. I think the funniest thing I’ve seen in game was the S&M chariot race.

    • Llama King

      Yeah the chariot race was hilarious 🙂

  • Reboot? fuck no man. even if it’s related to how the saints kinda fucked up history by time travelling in SR4

    • Kellin

      Just make it so Saints row 3 and 4 were a “dream,” and continue directly after saints row 2, which was the best game in the series.

      • butbutbut….what about Kinzie =(

      • The Real Saints Row Fan

        Saints Row 2 was shit.
        Saints Row The Third will always be the best in the series, followed closely by Saints Row IV.
        We don’t need a stupid GTA wannabe like the series used to be. We need to keep the over the top action and fast-paced fighting.

        • Francesco D’Arcangeli

          SR2 at least had true gang warfare and an innovative respect mechanic.

  • Terrell Scott

    A game idea that I saw, I really like this ”Johnny Gat vs Trevor Phillips
    Boss vs Micheal De Santa
    Pierce vs Franklin Clinton”

    • Francesco D’Arcangeli

      But even Boss vs Trevor 😀
      Think about it… defeating Trevor in competitive Rampage or rather, competitive Mayhem!!!

  • Akirascreaming

    NO thanks I m in love with the characters and a reboot would destroy the franchise

    • Aria Red

      Reboot would be a fun idea but it would break my heart. I’ll miss all the characters from the previous sequels.

      • Akirascreaming

        I m not saying I wouldnt buy a reboot but but but

    • EpicWingmanXIII

      IV already destroyed the franchise. A reboot is the only way forward.

      • Akirascreaming


      • Jack Baker

        Except that it didn’t. Saints Row IV IMPROVED the franchise.
        I’d rather have a superpowered alien-slaying simulator over a discount GTA rip-off anyday.

      • Michael Johnson

        While a reboot is logical unless they want to turn Saints Row into Star Wars/Guardians of the Galaxy, IV has in no way “destroyed” the franchise.
        It’s the best game in the entire series.

    • Jenovo

      Really? Eh. Maybe not a reboot, per see, but how about retconning the series such that saints row 3 and 4 (or at least just 4) were just a “dream,” and pick up right after saints row 2 – which was the best game of the series? I’d preorder that in a heartbeat.

      • Akirascreaming

        That could work :O

      • Andrew Mertin

        Except that 2 is nowhere near the best game in the series. It’s just a wannabe reskin of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
        The Third is the best game in the series.
        I’ll never understand the appeal of Saints Row 2. It’s so bland

        • Francesco D’Arcangeli

          I disagree. 3 sounds like a simplification of 2 on many respects. I loved the respect mechanic in 2 though the fact that you only got ‘hoods via missions basically forced you along a given track.
          They should’ve added to 3 all the stuff they left out (powder, more strongholds and a better stronghold mechanics) and make the story longer. One of the great things of the GTAs from SA onwards is the long, multifaceted storyline (albeit far more serious than SR, but I’m ok with both games).

    • SR3

      I think they should just focus on the other earth concept