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The first episode of RWBY Volume 4 was released some time ago, which left fans speechless. The episode was filled with a lot of surprises, and the majority of fans were not ready for them. Episode 1 focused on the downfall of the Beacon Academy.

The Downfall of The Beacon Academy 

RWBY Volume 4 chapter 1 begins with showcasing that the Beacon Academy has fallen. As there is no one to protect them now, the lives of the Remnants are now in danger. Because of this, RWBY has to decide quickly. They will have to either regroup and protect the lives of the ones who are still alive, or they will just have to go their separate ways.


As the Beacon Academy is no more, it’s time to contact and gather the RWBY team. However, to create a new peaceful life after the long struggle, the members of the team went their separate ways. However, as there is no protection team left, RWBY will have to stand up and take some action. As long as there is a threat for people, there has to be someone to protect them.

Ruby Rose To Discover The Danger Of The World

As we all know, RWBY had to face something because of which it was broken. Although, JNPR is still alive and well. The leader of the popular group, Ruby Rose some time ago decided to go to Mistral. However, on the way, she gets to know the true meaning of danger. All of what she has seen inside is nothing compared to the danger that the outside world provides. She will realize that there are a lot of friends that can be made, but they are still outnumbered by enemies they have. So she will have to make a decision she won’t regret.

Ruby Rose To Gather The RWBY Group

Currently, rumor is that Ruby Rose will try her best to bring back Beacon Academy and will then convince the remaining members of the RWBY group to stand up and take down their enemies so they can live peacefully. She will make a stand against the people who made their lives what they are now.

JNPR To Make An Appearance In The Coming Chapters

As for now, Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang have gone their separate ways and it will take a lot more than talking to convince them to get back again. JNPR is also expected to make their relation better with the other group and will then make an appearance. So fans can definitely expect to see some new surprises in the coming episodes. Chapter 1 focused on the monsters emerging from the ground. The next chapter is said to focus on how the group will take them down.

Let us know what you think will happen in the next chapter of RWBY Volume for in the comments below.


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