The Running Man has been the longest running shows in South Korea’s entertainment history. At present, the show is in its sixth year and has kept the audience encouraged to watch it religiously.

In the recent episodes of Running Man, the attraction in between, Song Ji Hyo and Gary was more than obvious and Gary was seen proposing Song Ji Hyo and her reply left everyone confused and many fans interpreted that the Monday Couple might wed soon.


Gary had earlier left the show in order to give his musical career a chance, but the episode of November 13, had him as a surprise guest and everyone was left shocked. When Gary asked Song Ji Hyo to marry him, then she replied while blushing that she was indeed nervous when she heard the news about his exit, to this, Gary puts up the question that does she still wants to be “Monday Couple” again, in one word, Song Ji Hyo replied a strong “No”.

Well, the reply of Song Ji Hyo has left fans in question as to what shall they pursue further. On the other hand, news of  Jo Jung Suk and EXO DO, to appear on the show is confirmed by SBS in the upcoming episodes.

The wedding of Song Ji Hyo and Gary is still a question, but fans are hoping that the couple would tie a knot soon. Still, nothing is confirmed as yet. Keeping our hopes high again, we expect we get to see the rumored couple wed. Keep watching this column for more updates on the “Monday Couple” wedding.


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