Running Man has been a captivating show and has kept its audience entangled in its goodness and excellent delivery of situations. Song Ji Hyo has been the most amazing character on the show and has managed to keep fans on a brink always. But as the show authorizes, Song Ji Hyo bid adieu to the show and in the regard, a farewell party was thrown by the show’s director. 


As the report suggests, Song Ji Hyo was very emotional and upset on her farewell party. The director of Running Man also confirmed the same. Other cast members of the show also expressed their sadness of her departure, many of them shared some emotional moments with the actress. Song Ji Hyo has given a lot to the show and it is because of her intensive hard work, timely delivery of scenes and perfect grasp over scenes, that has brought the show to the place it is today. So it was quite obvious that she had to become emotional as working for such a long time for something which has achieved exponential success, tends to make a person soft.

Further reports suggested that everything went well for the farewell party and all the other cast members appreciated Song Ji Hyo’s efforts and wished her all the luck in the world for her future endeavors. We also wish her the best for her future projects and hope to see her soon on television.


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