On Monday, Nokia has officially announced that it will return to the smartphone’s business in the aftermath of an ill-fated deal with Microsoft at the end of the fourth quarters of 2016. At the same time, the Finnish company also letting us know that they are looking for a “world-class partner” to produce, market and sell the smartphones branded Nokia. Aside from that, Customer Support will also be the responsibility that partner of Nokia has to undertake.

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In this partnership, Nokia will be responsible for designing and providing technologies for the products, guaranteeing them that they are strong enough to compete with other handsets on the market. Immediately after the Nokia’s announcement, it is quite predictable that the whole technology community erupted into question of who will be the company Nokia picked.

In the most recent movement, right on Tuesday, Meizu has written on Chinese’s social network Weibo a note welcoming the return of Nokia. Also on the same day, Meizu has uploaded two cryptic tweets on the company’s Twitter account of the two numbers 716 and 1110. As you can guessed, people brought it immediately when they re-tweeted several assumptions with the brightest candidates including 716 as 16th of July (Tomorrow) and 1110 as Nokia 1110.

Meizu, phones, photos, imagesIs Meizu be the “world-class partner” Nokia is looking for? On January, Meizu has also sneak-peaked a “Meizu powered by Nokia” device. This handset will probably be the Meizu MX4 Supreme that has ever been introduced to the general public.

Even then, there are some people who guessed that 716 means the July of 2016, the period of time in which it is possible to announce the official partnership between Nokia and Meizu.

What you guys guess? Are we really going to see the tie-up of Nokia and Meizu soon?


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